Product image 1Corny Keg Sodastream Kit with Intertap Flow Control Faucet
Product image 2Corny Keg Sodastream Kit with Intertap Flow Control Faucet

Corny Keg Sodastream Kit with Intertap Flow Control Faucet

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Everything to serve your beer from a keg using a sodastream cylinder.

Kit includes everything you need to dispense apart from a sodastream bottle (and beer...)

  • A* grade Reconditioned stainless steel ball lock keg.
  • Intertap Flow Control faucet with handle and MFL adapter.
  • Ball lock disconnects - Screw fit (flare) with john guest fitting.
  • 2m 3/8 professional gas line.
  • Kegland MkIII CO2 regulator with john guest fitting/barb to attach gas line. The Regulator is specifically designed for beverage dispense. They work perfectly with Sodastream bottles. THIS IS DIFFERENT TO THE REG SHOWN IN THE 1ST PHOTO (SEE 2ND).
  • Sodastream adapter adjusted and pre attached to regulator.

DOES NOT INCLUDE A SODASTREAM CYLINDER. These are freely available from many high street shops.

Advantages of this kit:

1. Ideal for the a low volume user. 

2. You will be able to dispense about 1-2 full kegs (including carbonation) using a full sodastream cylinder (contains 425g of CO2). A larger (more expensive and heavy) 6kg cylinder will dispense over ten times this. Both cylinders cost about the same to refill.

3. Sodastream cylinders are FAR more portable than pub style 6kg cylinders (6kg of CO2 PLUS mass of cylinder = super heavy)

4. Refills are easy to get and cost £12.

5. Cheaper than using 16g bulbs (but also less portable).

6. Gives you the option of upgrading to a larger (6kg) cylinder later on without having to buy a new regulator (as this regulator will fit full size pub style CO2 cylinders)


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