Product image 1Grainfather Sparge Arm Camlock Conversion Kit - TYPE 1
Product image 2Grainfather Sparge Arm Camlock Conversion Kit - TYPE 1

Grainfather Sparge Arm Camlock Conversion Kit - TYPE 1

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This kit contains all the parts you need to convert your grainfather sparge arm with screw fitting to a Camlock sparge arm like the Robobrew Gen 3.1. If you don't want to cut up your sparge arm see our other kit (link below)

The type 1 conversion kit includes:

(All Stainless Steel fittings)

  • Installation instructions
  • Reducing bush between valve and Camlock D
  • Camlock Type D Female x 1/2" Female
  • Camlock Type A Male x 1/2" Female
  • Compression fitting (to fit sparge arm) x 1/2" BSP
  • Type E Camlock x 13mm barb to convert counterflow chiller (so it attaches to the camlock-out on ball valve

Full instructions come with the kit but its also worth having a look at the video below (thanks to David Heath).

PHOTO SHOWS ALL PARTS EXCEPT REDUCING BUSH. Ball Valve is also different to a Grainfather Ball valve  

Fitting the conversion kit will need some basic tools and DIY know-how. You will need to cut the existing fitting off the bottom of the sparge arm using a hack-saw and then attach the compression fitting. PFTE tape should be used on all joints to stop leaks.

If you aren't comfortable cutting up your grainfather sparge arm see our type 2 conversion kit which includes a pre-made Robobrew sparge arm with welded male camlock fitting - see below:



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