Product image 1Reconditioned Cornelius Keg 19L
Product image 2Reconditioned Cornelius Keg 19L
Product image 3Reconditioned Cornelius Keg 19L

Reconditioned Cornelius Keg 19L

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We've changed how we categorise our reconditioned corny style 19L kegs. This is to offer better value to customers that want it. 

All our kegs (apart from the inferior category) are guaranteed to be gas tight, free from welds and perished rubber (that can leave black marks on your hands and surfaces. 

We sort all the reconditioned kegs we receive into categories dependent on their condition (as below). As far as we know, we are the only online seller of kegs in the UK that do this. See our video below for a (not so quick..) guide to our categories.

All our kegs are guaranteed to seal.

These are all reconditioned to a fantastic standard - with all seals replaced, machine polished and stainless steel pressure relief valve fitted. 

Superior grade kegs - No welds or significant dents in the walls of the keg or the base. The lid is in great condition and the lid opening isn't damaged or bent. Rubber is in good condition and doesn't leave any marks on surfaces / hands.

Standard grade kegs - The same as the superior grade but with more significant dents to the base or the walls of the keg. These dents are still quite small - see video for examples.

Inferior grade kegs - These will have at least one of the following:

  • Very large Dents in the wall of the keg or rubber base or top
  • Perished rubber that can leave marks on surfaces / hands
  • Lid opening may have some dents (but will still seal)
  • Weld(s) in keg wall leaving rough inside surfaces that can harbour possible infections  

    The inside of the kegs are clean.

    O rings have been replaced with new ones - 2 on each post, 1 on each dip tube and 1 on the lid. The plastic lid feet have also been replaced where necessary.

    Kegs are all branded. We have various brands: AEB, SAFER, Spartenburg, Cornelius or other Italian or German brands. All brands are the same size.

    Kegs are ball lock.

    Size of keg is:

    Height - 56 cm

    Diameter - 23 cm

    and 18.9 Litre capacity



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