Product image 1Kegland Bottle / Can Filler Beer Gun KIT
Product image 2Kegland Bottle / Can Filler Beer Gun KIT
Product image 3Kegland Bottle / Can Filler Beer Gun KIT
Product image 4Kegland Bottle / Can Filler Beer Gun KIT

Kegland Bottle / Can Filler Beer Gun KIT

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This is the Kegland Bottle Filler Gun but with some added extras so its easier to get started.

Kit includes:

  • Kegland Beer Gun (includes 2x 2m 5/16" EVA line, hose clips, spare rubber tip)
  • Beer-out disconnect and duotight 5/16" fitting (to connect to ball lock keg)
  • 5/16" to 3/8" john guest stem reducer
  • 3/8" john guest splitter 

The kit can be used to connect the beer gun to standard 3/8" gas line (comes with all our kits). The splitter allows the keg and beer gun to be supplied with CO2 at the same time (at the same pressure). If the keg doesn't need to be connected to the CO2 supply the 5/16" 3/8" reducer can be used to connect the beer gun directly to a regulator with a 3/8" push fit output. 

With this setup you may experience some foaming whilst filling bottles/ cans. Reducing the pressure in the keg will help this to an extent but if you plan to use this setup to fill a lot of bottles/ cans (ie. if you are a small business carbonating and packaging drinks) it may be worth investing in a secondary regulator so that the purging CO2 pressure coming from the beer gun is less than the keg pressure and some thinner line to slow down the fill rate - contact us if you want help with this setup. We've successfully supplied a number of businesses with a setup like this.

An easy way to bottle beer or fill growlers avoiding the issues of oxidation. One trigger is used to purge O2 with CO2 and then the main trigger is used to fill the bottle / growler with beer.


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