Digiboil 35L Turbo Boiler

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This is essentially a Brewzilla 35L without any pump or malt pipe. Perfect for a budget boil-in-the-bag brewing system or for extract beer brewing. Also great to heat sparge water.

How does this compare to a grainfather water heater?

Digiboil advantages:

  • Has a stainless steel removable ball valve tap
  • Tap has barbed connection for easy connection (easily upgrade-able to a camlock fitting)
  • Large capacity (35L to the brim)
  • Temperature is controllable in 1 deg C resolution (instead of 5 deg steps) - allows more accurate temps
  • Digital controller rather than dial
  • 2.4kW rather than 2kW (higher power = quicker heating)
  • Temp range can go from 0-140C rather than being limited to max 90
  • Can be used as a boiler for beer making by itself (with boil in the bag method)
  • The Digiboil looks like a piece of brewing equipment rather than a tea urn

Grainfather advantages:

  • Cheaper
  • Has a sight glass
  • Looks like a tea urn (if you like tea urns)
  • Smaller (18L) for storage


Information from the manufacturer Kegland:

This digital turbo boiler is a quality made 304 grade stainless steel turbo boiler.

The 35 Litre size is the total rated size brimful, so typically if you are using this as a beer boiler you would probably only fill it up to 25-30L so you had 5-10 litres of head space to boil comfortably.

The boiler has a quality made stainless tap with stainless barb and 1/2inch thread so you can attach the wide range of other half inch fittings such as camlocks and many other fittings that we can supply.

The unit comes with a concealed element for easy cleaning.

The digital display can be set from 0C and up to 140C with 1C increments and 1C resolution on the display.

The side of the boiler is pre-marked with graduations in litres and gallons that are accurate to +/- 1 liter.

  • Liters and Gallon Graduations
  • Stainless steel tap with barb and 1/2 thread
  • Dual element control (so you can adjust the power from 500watts, 1900watts or 2400watts)
  • Easy to use
  • Great for use as a hot liquor tank, boiler, or hot water urn
  • Concealed element for easy cleaning
  • Can also be used for sous vide cooking


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